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My meager comic-making abilities, circa 2008

August 2, 2010

And I’m back. In less than a day? I’m fairly certain that’s a record for me.

Nothing new to show today, but I DO have plans to resurrect a short story I tried making two years ago, in ’08. Weirdly enough, I started making this guy almost two years ago today, so apparently it’s just that time of year for me. Huh.

Anyway, for those of you who knew me two years ago – perhaps you were on the Tavern, the art-forum I was part of for… damn, three years? before it shut down – you guys have probably seen this before. I have the original pencils and my attempts at inking it using only photoshop. The results are… okay, but I don’t like my inking style and I certainly don’t like the weird storytelling beats I was trying to hit.

But here, take a look-see for yourself:

And the inks:

Overall, I still like it to some extent. But I know I can do much better than that, dammit! So I’m going to. Expect new character models and some *shudder* car drawings coming up soon.

Oh, and I’ll go ahead and say – looking back at it now, this story is almost all dialogue and might make for an excellent animated short. It’s probably not going to be a senior project, but maybe a side project I do on my own time. But, baby steps. First, the comic. Then, if the story is good enough, I might start work on the animated version.

We shall SEE.

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