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Cutout Animation, complete with purple noses.

November 17, 2010

Alright guys, coming up next is my final for Principles of Screen Design. We had two objectives: create a “countdown” by inter-cutting between two subjects, and keep the whole thing at 15 seconds on the dot. The theme everything revolved around was “Countdown to a Blind Date,” which could be… interpreted in many different ways.

We had to animate the whole thing in After Effects, so I decided to use Photoshop to make puppets on different layers, then edit it all together in Premiere. It was Adobepalooza for a weekend there.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the final product. I spent most of the weekend on it, and got it done just in time, which is always pretty sweet. Ch-ch-check it out:

My friend Scott Johnson (the guy who helped me out on the rocket project) lent me some of his valuable time yet again and helped me mix the sound. THANKS SCOTT.

And yes, there are some MORE purple noses. You can’t stop me from drawing purple noses, man. It’s my CALLING, I suppose. Tell me whatchoo think!

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  1. Scott permalink
    November 17, 2010 3:38 am

    Welcome, babe

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