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Digicell 2011: The Remainder

March 18, 2011

Hey everyone! I just finished yet another quarter here at SCAD, and I have some work to show you. You know, if you have the time.

My Digital Cell class was very interesting – I learned a lot about how to save time in animation production with programs like Adobe Flash and After Effects. But more importantly, I got a little more experience with making short-shorts (15-30 second short films). All of these had a turnaround time of a week or less, a good indication of what I may be facing in the “real world” that these guys keep telling me about over here.

I have two shorts from that class I’d like to show you. Here’s an exercise I did for lip sync – I rather like how the character design came out. Not perfectly set up, perhaps, but this was more about acting with minimal animation. Oh, and making it look like my characters can talk, which is important:

That’s me as Dr. Pollution and my friend Jake Allen as Litterbug, who also helped me in the recording process.

The other short works better as a stand-alone short, although it is only fifteen seconds long. We had to make a commercial in Flash for the 2D animation program here at SCAD. So I made something a little tongue-in-cheek, as I am wont to do:

Once again, that’s my glorious voice in the background (cough cough) – Jake helped out again here, by teaching me a few extra tricks with After Effects, so thanks to him again.

Oh, and just in case: I absolutely love SCAD and the animation department here (especially all of the professors), but if I don’t poke fun every now and again I think I’d go crazy.

So that’s it for Digicell. I had to teach myself a lot of Flash techniques to make these, but overall I really love what I produced this quarter. Flash as a program can be temperamental, but you can make some lovely stuff with it if you mess around with it enough.

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