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Spring Quarter: THE POST (Part 1)

June 13, 2011

Hey there everyone! Long time no post. I am here today, however, to rectify that situation.

I’ve had a busy, busy Spring quarter, and I have some shorts to show you!

First up, I have something I whipped up for my Astronomy class in about six hours. We had a very, VERY vague assignment, in which we had to make “something” for Astronomy using “whatever it is your major is.” So I wrote, recorded, and animated this lil’ bit of limited animation right here:

I actually liked making something that took so little time (or really, forcing it to take little time), so I might try something like that again in the future.

And next, we have my final for my Motion Media class. Twas another vague, vague assignment; we just had to use a greenscreen, and that was it. So I went home, made some paper puppets, bought a piece of blue fabric, and filmed this with a few of my friends:

The camera work was all done by Jennifer Sparkman, with additional puppeteering by Jake Allen and Madeline Buxton (THANKS GUYZ).

After the filming was done, I added everything in with the ol’ AfterEffects, and viola. I’ve got a few fixes to make, but I LIKE IT, and therefore it has been blogged.

Anywho, part two of my Spring work will be posted soon – I took an entire quarter to produce one 3D short (15 seconds in length) that I’ll post soon. It don’t got no sound, though, so I may try to fix that before I do – Oh, and I had a gigantic MotionMedia project that I only got through half of for class that I think I’ll finish up – it’s a bit of a monster, but I can DO IT.

I’ll let you guys in on them videos, along with a little more exciting personal news, in the very near future. So stay tuned!

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