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The Great Mid-Summer Sketchdump

July 27, 2011

Oh hey there guys. I know you’re saying to yourself “Hey! It’s the middle of summer now, why haven’t I seen that 3D short-short you made by now?”

WELL, the answer that makes me sound good is that I’ve been very busy at my summer internship. The other answer is that I am a lazy bum, and still haven’t uploaded it. Which is the more correct? I will let you be the judge.

Anywho, I’ve been working a whole lot over here at JibJab, and I’m going to have a lot to show you guys (as soon as they get uploaded to, of course). Until then, I’ve compiled a big ol’ sketchdump for everybody, including a few of my life drawings from the summer, along with a few extra drawings I did of some coworkers and people about town.

Here’s those life drawings, first. And yes, there’s a bunch of them:

This is by no means all the life drawing I have done since the summer started – this is just what I feel okay showing you. I bar my SOUL on this blog, dammit.

Oh yeah, and here are some silly drawings of people and junk:

Aaaand there we are. FOR NOW. There’s another half of the summer coming up, and I’ll be drawing the whole time. Perhaps I won’t wait this long again, because… Well, this is a very tall post, and I should probably not do that often.

I’ll let you guys know the moment my work gets uploaded to the site. I’m making a lot of fun stuff, so I hope you kid’s’ll enjoy it. I’m working on a few extra projects on the side… but I shall inform you of those as they develop. In the meantime… I probably need to stop being so lazy and upload that 3D short-short, huh?

Talk to you guys latah!

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